• Fire Fighting System

To be one of the best major companies in Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting and Security Systems all over Egypt.

El-Mehrabeel is committed to meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations in terms of specifications and after-sales support.
El-Mehrabeel is also committed to meeting all applicable regulatory requirements, including codes and technical standards.
The senior management of El-Mehrabeel Company is committed to quality and every employee is responsible for the quality of his work.
El-Mehrabeel is committed to the continuous improvement of its performance, commercial operations, and quality system.
We will provide our community with training opportunities for young people as needed

El-Mehrabeel Company is a private sector company operating in sales, marketing, engineering, and electromechanical contracting. It includes alarm systems, fire protection, theft protection, and television camera escort systems.
El-Mehrabeel Security and Safety Systems works to meet the customer’s requirements and what is more than that with regard to technical specifications and delivery times as well as that in full compliance with the codes and standards and other conditions in the company’s field of work and tracks continuous improvement in its field of work
All employees of the company are qualified and trained in their various specialties in order to achieve quality goals.
The company’s management is keen to achieve safety and security for workers and customers in accordance with international standards ISO 9001: 2015 & OSHA in order to raise the level of health and social services for workers in the framework of continuous communication between the top management and all employees
The annual quality goals of the company are discussed and a new plan is put forward and put forward for approval every first year in addition to the regular meetings of the Board of Directors and the development plan to reach the quality goals

  • Quality
    Quality is a big and inherent matter in the field and we provide and guarantee the perfect quality in all our products as well as technical installations.
  • The Right Prices
    There is intense competition in breaking down prices for all products because we are agents in Egypt for a large number of international companies in the field of extinguishing and warning.
  • Customer Focus
    We exceed customer expectations in value and service and work to satisfy all customers in the long run.
  • Follow-up
    Continuous monitoring of clients and providing the best solutions to reach a safer environment
  • Integrity and Honesty
    We continuously emphasize that we have high ethical standards in our business. We respect our agreements and we are honest in our communications
High quality products with competitive prices